At The Discovery School, we believe that each and every community member who walks through our door regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, language, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, family structure, and/or socioeconomic background deserves to be greeted with kindness as they have important ideas and contributions to share with the Discovery community. We acknowledge that systemic racism exists, stand with the black community, and believe that black lives matter. In addition, we will not tolerate acts of racism, hate, bias, or violence of any kind. 

We believe that we are better because of each and every individual’s unique life experiences, and we constantly work to honor and learn from the incredible community at The Discovery School.

Our school believes that multicultural education is necessary for children to develop a complete and thorough understanding of the world around them. Our teachers are committed to integrating diverse voices and viewpoints into each content area, and our leadership is actively working to recruit teachers that represent the diversity we strive for in our school community. We aspire to instill the importance of equality and anti-racism with all of our students by utilizing anti-racist literature, seeking out historical narratives from more than one point of view, and engaging in conversations that push students to learn to show empathy and to see the world from multiple perspectives.  

As both a Montessori and International Baccalaureate school, we know that we must nurture student’s natural curiosity as we expose them to cultures from our own nation and those from around the world - and listen when they question traditions and practices that perpetuate injustice and systemic racism. We are committed to cultivating students who respect people and cultures that are similar and different from those they were raised in and actively work for social justice. We realize that challenging conversations may arise through this process, but we see these dialogues as opportunities for growth, for open and honest communication, and for learning. 

We believe that members of The Discovery School family benefit by seeking out knowledge, expressing creativity, demonstrating independent thinking, and promoting mutual respect. As a result, we believe that our students will leave our school with open minds and hearts and hold the knowledge to build a better and more just world.