Why Discovery

To a child, Discovery is everything!

All across Discovery’s learning spaces – from the ticking and clinking and bubbling of STEM lab inventions, to the intricate design of Montessori classrooms, to the please-grow-so-we-can-pick-you vegetables of student-tended gardens – boys and girls are acting their ages. Childhood is sacred at Discovery.  We believe it is adventurous, creative, curious, exuberant, imaginative, innocent, playful, and wonder-filled. Every child deserves to experience the wonders of discovery. 

This is learning.
What We Believe:
  • Independent learning, collaboration, and focus will empower students to ask questions and and see the world in a new way.
  • Being resourceful but reflective, self-aware but selfless, confident but kind, will motivate our students to become their best selves.
  • Discovering confidence and finding their voices is how students will be equipped to find their path in the world.

The benefits of a Discovery School experience:

As an IB student, my daughter is mastering the complex skills necessary for the advancing world around her. The school's program rigor adjusted to meet the changing developmental and academic needs of my daughter as she advanced through the program.
-  Tanya Coomes, Parent
Excellent education! Shared ideas! Care for all students ! It’s the ONLY School I would Trust with My Children!! Miss Jasmine is the ultimate teacher.
- Sandi Cariveaux, Parent
The teachers and the administration have such a warm and welcoming feel. The education that our son is receiving has set a very high standard with his learning. The Discovery School is a very special place and they really do put children first with all that they do.
-  Tiffany Goddard Snyder, Parent