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Altitude Learning

We're excited to share that AltSchool has become Altitude Learning, an educator run startup powering the growing learner-centered education movement. While our name has changed, our commitment to supporting schools and districts shifting to learner-centered models is stronger than ever.

Is AltSchool closing?
No. Going forward, AltSchool will be known as Altitude Learning, which will be supporting 40 districts and schools nationwide in the upcoming school year. The company is expanding its support for public schools nationwide with a new approach to the professional learning and products schools need to modernize educational models. Financially, the company is well-positioned to sustain the partnership network.

How did the company decide to transition the operations to a new partner?
During the months-long process the Steering Committees reviewed many options and partnering with an organization solely focused on running schools makes the most sense. Higher Ground Education is one such partner who emerged through the Steering Committee process and is the ideal fit due to similar educational visions. The educators will largely remain the same next year and the schools will stay part of the growing Altitude Learning network.

What results do you have to prove that your approach and technology are working?
We’ve seen many years of strong, consistent results in our lab schools and are starting to see results from early public school partners. We are seeing organic growth in those partners as more teachers opt-in to using the AltSchool platform. We have almost 95% partner retention, which speaks to the success of the technology and growing transition to a learner-centered education.

How Altitude Learning facilitates personalized learning:

  • personalized playlists for students
  • track individual student progress against both academic and non-academic standards
  • Automatically pull info from blended learning and create summative view of individual student progress against standards
  • Digitally capture student work
  • Tailor assignments and be able to adjust for each student