Foundational Elementary

The Discovery School offers a prepared Foundational Elementary International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme environment for children First through Second grade. The Foundational Elementary program is comprised of two classrooms which provide a full-day class (from 8:00am - 3:10pm). The learner to teacher ratio in each classroom is 10:1 or less, professionally trained teachers in each classroom, who are required to possess a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree. All teachers have received a minimum of Level 1 training from the International Baccalaureate Organization.

The two Foundational Elementary classrooms are housed in a stand alone building. There are indoor and outdoor learning environments including the community patio, organic school garden, playground, and playing field. Each Foundational Elementary classroom has an attached screened porch that serves as an extension to the learning environment; allowing the opportunity to bring the outside in. The materials are arranged on shelves by curriculum strands and sequence, available for learners’ selection. The prepared environment lends itself to learner exploration, allowing learners to choose from a variety of materials according to self-selected interests and preferences. The classrooms are arranged with various work spaces according to learner preference. Learners may choose a table or floor space for work. Table spaces include one to six person tables and chairs and a table where learners may choose to stand and work. Sensory accommodations are available for seated spaces such as the physiology ball or balance disc. Floor spaces include a large area rug to sit on during community meetings and lessons, lap tables, and small cotton rugs that may be used to designate a work space or lesson presentation. Both classrooms also have their own library spaces with comfortable seating in which learners may lounge and enjoy the leveled library and/or topic specific books.

The Foundational Elementary program is divided into three main components: core instruction in math and language, independent work cycle, and unit inquiry time. Learners participate in daily math and literacy enrichment through Reading, Writing and Math Workshops. In addition, guided reading provides learners with exposure to sophisticated vocabulary, comprehension strategies, and fluent reading. The independent work cycle is designed for learners to work on individualized assignments based on their current level of performance. Inquiry time provides students with opportunities to explore topic related to our current unit of study through project-based learning.

Curriculum Guide

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