Together, we can open the doors to a fantastic future.

What brought me to The Discovery School was that feeling of community. As I embarked on a journey to inspire my young children to love learning, I knew that I would not be alone here. I have a family of faculty, of teachers, of caregivers, and of parents that come together to support each other in creating the leaders of tomorrow. 

We all believe in Discovery’s core mission and its values. That is what keeps us here. We see it alive in the faces of the students that call Discovery home. We are the stewards of that mission, of that home, and of that community. 

Your support empowers the school to go beyond the plans of today for the dreams of tomorrow and create the quintessential Discovery magic. Every single gift is impactful. After all, every sandcastle starts with a single grain of sand. Add your support today.

Josh Tayloe
Development Coordinator


Josh Tayloe