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The Discovery School Building 6 rendering from the front and side parking lot view
Front & Side Parking Lot View
The Discovery School Building 6 rendering side view from the Grandparent's Garden.
Grandparent's Garden View
The Discovery School Building 6 back eco-path view rendering
Back Eco-Path View

At The Discovery School, our teachers never lose sight of the fact that the student sitting before them might one day discover a general vaccine for cancer, dance at the Met, capture a World Cup, or unite a community through public service. Each and every day, we encourage creativity, independent thinking, empathy, and problem-solving – the very tools our students will need to live a full, rich life – and perhaps make powerful, positive changes in the lives of others as they follow their own path.

This environment helps shape their confidence and competence through an overarching belief that our students should be able and ready to change the world. We believe that childhood is sacred, not to mention adventurous, creative, curious, imaginative, innocent, playful, and filled with wonder. Through independent learning, collaboration, and focus, we empower our students to ask big questions and see the world in a new way. We know that there is great value in not only being resourceful but reflective, self-aware but selfless, confident but kind, qualities that motivate our students to become their best selves. Our focus is not just to prepare these bright bring young minds for the future but more importantly, to enable our students to create it, and leave their own unique and irreplaceable mark on the world.

With retention rates over 92 percent and wait pools continuing to grow at every program level, Discovery has the confidence of not only currently enrolled families but new families looking to choose the right learning environment for their children.

For the past several years, the Board of Trustees and Faculty/Staff have been working together to manage the demands of a growing student population within the limited footprint of the existing campus. This strong demand has led the Board to embark on a thoughtful strategic planning process that has culminated in a facilities design that includes key components to meet existing and future needs for growth by realizing the full Master Plan of the campus.

With Gratitude,
Josh Tayloe
Development Coordinator



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